Hardinge Kellenberger AG, Goldach

Delivery, assembly and commissioning of 75 ABUS overhead travelling cranes of all types

  • The number of 48 single-girder wall travelling cranes is impressive.
  • The lifting capacities range from 1.6 tonnes to 20 tonnes.
  • The latest control system from ABUS, ABUControl, is also used specifically for the crane systems.

Delivery, assembly and commissioning of 13 mall crane systems, so-called ABUS HB systems

  • Of these, 6 new HB systems were installed
  • 7 HB systems were moved from the St. Gallen site to the new production site
  • The load capacities range from 500 kg to 630 kg

Delivery of 2 JIB cranes

Hardinge Kellenberger AG focusses on Swissness – new building with 75 ABUS crane systems

Names such as Kellenberger, Tschudin Voumard and Hauser are synonymous with high-precision grinding machines «made in Switzerland». Every mechanic who comes into contact with grinding knows these machines. Today, these brands are combined in Hardinge Kellenberger AG. Whenever maximum precision is required, these machines are used all over the world. A sustainable and environmentally friendly new building has been constructed on Thannäckerstrasse in Goldach/SG, where all previous decentralised locations have been brought together.



Brun Marti Dytan AG was able to equip this new building with ABUS crane systems, which fills us with pride and honour. The entire production logistics implemented in the factory are geared towards quality and optimised production processes.

The ABUS crane systems we supplied support this impressively. We were able to install a total of 75 cranes including all power supply systems in 12 bays and also move and reinstall a large number of crane systems from the previous to the new production site.

During a tour with Peter Buchsteiner, Director Manufacturing at Hardinge Kellenberger AG and also project manager for the new building, Ernst Frutiger, Managing Director and Martin Koller, Head of ABUS Sales and Order Processing, were able to see this impressive, state-of-the-art development and production facility for themselves.

We would like to congratulate Hardinge Kellenberger AG on the realisation of this project and are delighted to see so much «Swissness»!