IWB Kehrichtverwertungsanlage, Basel


Load: 9’500 kg
Span: 18‘000 mm
Load handling attachment: Hydraulic grab, 6.3m³
Lifting speed: 6m/min – 60m/min frequency-controlled
Crane travel speed: 4 – 80 m/min frequency-controlled
Dead weight approx.: 35,700 kg

Two fully automatic waste incineration crane systems for IWB Kehrichtverwwertungsanlage Basel

Brun Marti Dytan was awarded the contract for the renewal of the complete crane systems, including the power supply and crane operation, in 2022 via a SIMAP tender. We were able to supply two fully automatic waste incineration crane systems with a total weight of 35 tonnes each.



The installation and the entire renovation took place in autumn 2023 during ongoing operations – a major challenge for our team, as the incineration of the waste was not interrupted at any time.

The installation of our crane systems in the IWB waste incineration plant building also required high-precision work from everyone involved, as the opening in the roof was too small to install our massive crane girders horizontally. The photos show impressively how our girders were installed at an angle with the help of two cranes. This procedure requires very demanding teamwork between the two crane operators and our employees via radio communication. Movements with “centimetre precision” have to be achieved when lowering into the building.