Debrunner Acifer, Frenkendorf

Techn. Data for each crane

Load: 2 x 5,000 kg
Span: 32,000 mm
Load handling attachment: 2 hook blocks
Lifting speed: 1.6 / 13.3 m/min
Crane travel speed: 2 – 63 m/min
Dead weight approx.: 22,500 kg

Crane systems from Brun Marti Dytan AG used for stock turnover of steel pipes and steel plates

From steel, metals and underground construction, water supply, building services and plumbing supplies to fastening technology, tools, machines and industrial safety – Debrunner Acifer AG offers a wide range of products and a variety of services.


A long magnetic load beam is attached to the installed single-girder overhead travelling crane with 2 side travel trolleys, and is used to transport long goods. Robust BRUN electric wire rope hoists are mounted at the side trolleys. A specially constructed hoist rope trapeze tension prevents the load from not swinging in the travel direction of the crane.

The crane is operated manually by radio control. The crane system is easily accessible via an ascent in the building through a crane catwalk and cat maintenance platforms.