Marenco (Kopter) Swisshelicopter, Mollis

Techn. Data for each crane

Load: 3‘200 kg
Breadth: 28’710 mm
Load-carrying equipment: Hook block with a single hook
Lift speed: 0,8 / 5 m/min
Cross travel speed: 7,5 / 30 m/min
Dead weight approx.: 10’500 kg

Crane systems from brun marti dytan ag being used for the “made in switzerland” helicopter production

Marenco Swisshelicopter (now known as Kopter) in Mollis commissioned us to build two special crane systems. We are using these cranes to transport the expensive, high-tech “Helicopter” product.


The two erected overhead cranes are being used to transport helicopters built in Switzerland. The single-beam cranes weighing approx. 10 tonnes and measuring 28.7 m in breadth are erected on the new wooden-topped structures.

The maximum load of 3,200 kg per crane is moved manually by the operator via a radio control unit. To ensure safe operation, the crane systems are equipped with photoelectric collision protection and easy-to-read LED heavy load indicators.