Senn AG, Oftringen

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Traglast: 0 kg
Spannweite: 0 mm
Lastaufnahmemittel: Spezialwinde BMD
Hubgeschwindigkeit: 0 m/min
Kranfahrgeschwindigkeit: 0 m/min
Eigengewicht ca.: 0 kg

Crane renovations from Brun Marti Dytan AG – a core competence. Analyses, electrical and mechanical engineering, renovation on site or in our workshop

Senn AG – the company performs strongly in the business areas of steel and metal construction, sheet metal and stainless steel centres, emergency power systems, pneumatic cranes and transport.


The scissor lift crane is used to unload delivered material from the trucks for sheet metal processing.

The trolley with scissor lift and material gripper was completely dismantled and inspected at the Nebikon plant, where defective parts were either also manufactured or procured and reassembled. Finally, the entire crane system was successfully accepted by the customer, based on a test using test weights.