ZAV Recycling AG, Hinwil

Techn. Data for each crane

Load: 4 x 8,000 kg
Span: 7,100 mm
Load handling attachment: Container spreader
Lifting speed: 2.5– 25 m/min
Crane travel speed: 7.5 – 90 m/min
Dead weight approx.: 22,700 kg

Crane systems from Brun Marti Dytan AG used for stock turnover of truck transport containers

The company ZAV Recycling AG in Hinwil has commissioned us to construct a fully automatic special crane system. Using this container crane, we transport the valuable dry slag, from which metallic usable fractions can almost completely be recovered.


Both full and empty transport containers are moved around in the 130-metre long container warehouse using the installed double-girder overhead travelling crane and can be stacked on top of each other up to a maximum of 4 levels. The maximum load of approx. 28 tons per container is moved around in the completely closed-off warehouse facility by a fully-automatic PLC crane control system. However, the system can also be operated in manual mode using remote control.

The crane system is equipped with various monitoring sensors and measuring systems for safe handling. Up-to-date door access monitoring systems in the building protect the employees.